SDS Dance Styles

Siobhan’s Dance Studios offer a broad range of dance styles. At SDS our dance styles include Classical Ballet, Classical Extensions, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics and Combo Classes.

Some dance styles require other classes as a prerequisite and others can be done independently. If you are unsure which classes are right for you please chat with our team and they can guide you and help you choose the right classes.

Classical Ballet

A graceful style that develops correct dance technique, body posture and alignment, providing a good foundation for all forms of dance.

It is a must for all dance enthusiasts and those wishing to pursue a career in the dance industry, including teaching.

Examinations through the Southern Federation of Dance are available from Level 1. Classical Extension classes are offered from Level 4 to give students the opportunity to further develop their technique and progress to a more advanced level.

Pointe work is introduced when students reach a suitable age and standard and pass their ‘Dance Physiotherapist Pointe Assessment’ with a qualified physiotherapist.

Classical Extensions

Classical Extensions classes are optional, but highly recommended, for students in Level 4 and up as an addition to their normal classical class.

Extension classes are designed for the committed dancer who seeks to strengthen their technique and to be further challenged.

From Level 4 upwards, extension classes are necessary to undertake exams and to prepare for and do pointe work.

Extension classes aim to create a very strong foundation that will help the young dancer improve in all other dance styles.  It is especially relevant for those students considering taking their dancing to higher levels and anyone with ambitions to work professionally in the dance industry.


Contemporary is a style of dance that requires the technique of classical ballet, yet pushes the boundaries to achieve a more abstract visual representation.  

Classical ballet training is a prerequisite for enrolling so that students develop the technique necessary to fully and safely explore the contemporary style.

Contemporary dance is necessary for students studying VCE dance, as it allows them to explore a diverse range of movement within their choreography and portray more complex ideas and concepts.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Classes utilise the latest R ‘n’ B and Hip Hop music and moves from video clips and club dancing.

Born in the Bronx, Hip Hop is a highly energetic and popular dance style. These classes are offered in a range of levels based upon age and dance experience.


Jazz is an energetic, modern form of dance in which students are trained to stretch and strengthen muscles through specifically designed exercises.

This very exciting style is used in many musical theatre productions. These classes are structured so that students can progress from Level 1 through to Level 10, with examinations through the Southern Federation of Dance available.  

Elements of Hip Hop dance are incorporated in jazz classes to develop greater diversity in the students’ dance skills.


Tap is a very percussive style of dance based on beats and rhythms.

It has become popular over the years with stage shows such as “Mary Poppins”, “Billy Elliot”, “Bootmen”, “42nd Street”, “Tap Dogs”, “Hot Shoe Shuffle” and “The Producers”.  

Tap skills are a necessity for students wishing to audition for musical theatre productions.


Acrobatics for Dance, often called “Acro Dance” is a style that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. For optimal results, it needs to be studied in conjunction with weekly classical ballet training. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography.

In classes we aim to teach students the fundamental skills of acrobatics and how to seamlessly blend the dance and acrobatic elements together.

There is a significant focus on developing the necessary body strength and functional flexibility to safely and effectively achieve these goals.

Kinder Ballet/Jazz Combo

These classes are a combination of Classical and Jazz and may include the use of imagery and props such as wands, wings and scarves.

The focus is on developing a love of dance and expressing one’s self through movement. Much of the music used in these Combo classes is sourced from children’s movie soundtracks, The Wiggles and Hi 5.

Prep Tap/Ballet/Jazz Combo

These classes are a progression from the kinder level (see above) and are designed for students commencing primary school.

Tap dancing is introduced to further children’s musicality and rhythm.  Whilst we continue to nurture their love of dance, music and movement, more challenging steps are introduced and classical ballet technique becomes an important focus.

Lvl 1 & 2 Tap/Ballet/Jazz Combo

The level 1 and 2 Combo classes extend on from the Kinder & Prep program. A more formal style of classical training is incorporated from Level 1 with the introduction of the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) classical syllabus.

Students are given the opportunity to sit their classical exam at each level to gain a certificate and medal.


All four of my daughters have danced at SDS over the past eight years. SDS offers quality dance training in a supportive, friendly environment. The teachers are fantastic and make it such a happy place for the students. SDS lives by its motto “Where every child shines”. The concerts are always a highlight of the year. My girls love being part of the SDS community.

Michaela Fox 

We have been with SDS for eight years now and it has been a wonderful journey. As a three year old when my daughter started it was very much about coordination, movement and fun. It has been wonderful watching all the girls dancing develop over the years and every teacher we have had has been amazing, 100% supportive and always full of encouragement no matter what “level” the girls are within the group. I couldn’t recommend SDS any more, it is a truly caring environment where everybody grows and shines.  

Kate Stevens